About us

A team of locals giving you an authentic Amsterdam experience

Our background

Founded in 2018 by Thijs van Royen, Amsterdam Food Tours is a boutique and local tour company. Our group of passionate and experienced local tour guides are dedicated to giving you the best experience in Amsterdam. Some of us have known each other for years as friends and co-workers, and together we strive to ensure that you receive a warm welcome in our city. 

As our guest, you are our top priority. And to ensure that we can keep providing you with top-class hospitality, we also focus on maintaining good relationships with our food partners and with the city of Amsterdam.

Meet our Founder: Thijs van Royen

Amsterdam Food Tours founder - Thijs van Royen

Giving you an authentic Amsterdam experience

As a 100% Dutch and local tour company, we aim to show you the real Amsterdam. Our guides are all Dutch and have lived in Amsterdam for many years, which means that you have access to a true insider’s perspective of the city.

When you do a tour with us, we take you to the places where the locals like to go. Because our tour groups are kept small, you have the opportunity to ask many questions, have fun conversations, and leave the tour feeling like you’ve made new friends.

You can also ask us for recommendations of places to go after your tour. Are you looking for a great restaurant for dinner? A family-friendly establishment? Or a delicious vegetarian meal? We have you covered! Our guides will give you great suggestions and help you avoid the tourist traps.

You can also find tips and recommendations on our blog: Amsterdam Tips

Supporting local businesses

Doing a tour with us also means supporting local businesses. We have (sometimes exclusive) partnerships with local vendors, who help make our tours unique and welcoming. Our food partners are often small, dedicated entrepreneurs with amazing products, and they have to work hard to keep their heads above water. Therefore, we pay the regular prices and make sure that you have enough time to buy something extra to take home if you wish to do so. And, of course, we make sure that you have plenty of time to savor all the delicious food and drink available on the tour.

Our guides

We believe that a good tour guide is naturally welcoming, entertaining, and interested in learning more about their guests. And, of course, completely familiar with the city of Amsterdam in all its diversity.

We put a lot of time and energy into educating ourselves, exploring new developments and, of course, trying out new shops, restaurants and cafes so that we can tell you exactly where to go (and where not to go) for the best and most unique experiences.

If you’ve spent a happy, carefree and engaging day in Amsterdam with us, enjoying good food and drink in pleasant company, then our mission is accomplished.

See you in Amsterdam!

Met vriendelijke groeten!

The Amsterdam Food Tours Team