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Discover real Amsterdam, its’ history, culture and Dutch food with Amsterdam Food Tours, the truly local food tour guides of Amsterdam.


Walk & Boat Tour


4,5 hours | 10 guests | 7 stops + boat


Walking Tour


4 hrs | 10 guests | 8 stops

Why book a tour with us?

What better and more fun way is there to discover the real Amsterdam than with someone who has lived most of his life in Amsterdam? You will not only try lots of Dutch food classics but also get to know Amsterdam, its’ historie and the Dutch. We do this by sharing the stories behind our food with you and showing you the beautiful 17th century Jordaan district and the Amsterdam canals. You will visit the shops, restaurants, cafés and the places where we go ourselves and feel like a real Amsterdammer for a day. And our food tour not only helps you gain an understanding of Amsterdam; it also serves as a compass for the rest of your stay. Because no travel brochure or website can better grasp what you want to see, do or taste and where you can find it than our guides.

The Amsterdam food tour was an amazing way to experience the food and culture in an informative, relaxed and fun way.

BreanneUnited States

Wow - what an incredible tour! Our only regret is that we didn’t do it on our first day as we would have been far more knowledgeable about Amsterdam.


Fabulous tour! It was so well done, took you to some amazing local places, really gave you a feel for the community and culture of the area and the people.

LizbethUnited States

The food was great, the tour was great and I couldn't imagine going to Amsterdam without this tour.

MatthewUnited States

This tour deserves all the praise its gets. Its a wonderful introduction to Amsterdam and the Dutch food. Really really great.


About us

Amsterdam Food Tours was founded in 2018 by  a small group of expert food guides and friends. Why? Because we thought it was time for Amsterdam to have a high-quality food tour operator for whom it is most important that the guest has a fantastic and unique experience. And also so that we could do what we enjoy most. Being the perfect host and friend for visitors to Amsterdam with respect for the city and its residents.  We are native Dutch, have lived in Amsterdam for many years and in addition to being seasoned, local guides we are also chefs, artists or teachers in this city that we love so deeply and know so well. Each one of us has our own specific stories that we are longing to share with you and we aim to turn each and every tour into a unique experience, together with you, our guest.

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