About Amsterdam Food Tours

Amsterdam Food Tours was founded in 2018 by a group of experienced and independent Amsterdam guides.

It is our strong belief that you will not truly get to know and understand Amsterdam and its people, until you walk its streets with someone who eats, lives, loves and breathes the city.

We have lived in Amsterdam for many years and in addition to being seasoned, local guides we are also chefs, artists or teachers in this city that we love so deeply and know so well.

Each one of us has our own specific stories that we are longing to share with you. So don’t expect a tour with a standard script that leads you along the tourist hotspots, but instead an interactive day out along the spots we enjoy frequenting ourselves.

Discover the hidden spots and flavors of Amsterdam

Amsterdammers to the core

Thijs van Royen

Guide and founder

Born in Amsterdam and safely back on home ground for the past 25 years after stints in The Hague, Greece and Austria. Was educated at the Hotel school The Hague, then worked in the commercial employment service industry; now the proud founder of Amsterdam Food Tours, in which his 4 passions are perfectly combined: Amsterdam, history, food and people.


A bit more about us


The Chef

Many years under his belt as a chef at well-known Amsterdam cafés and restaurants and in a past life he was actively involved in the Amsterdam housing scene.


King of Patisserie

One of the top patisserie chefs in the Netherlands, who has worked in multiple Michelin-starred restaurants as patisserie chef. Also an expert on Indonesian cuisine.


The Artist

Raised in Gouda and educated in agriculture, an artisan cheese maker turned artist and art historian in Amsterdam. Famous for his stews and Old Fashioned Cocktails.