Meet our Tour Guides: Rudolph

We recently spoke with Rudolph, who has been with Amsterdam Food Tours from the very beginning. He loves Amsterdam, which is also the city where he’s been living for more than 30 years. And he’s passionate about sharing everything he knows about this beautiful city.

Here are his answers to our questions:

Q: How did you become a tour guide? 
A: I love studying, and I was first an Art & Art History teacher. I then wondered how I could incorporate my love of studying into a new career. This led me to become a tour guide, which allows me to share my knowledge with others. It also gives me the opportunity to keep learning and to create perspective for others.

Q: Why would you recommend doing a food tour? 
A: Because by doing a food tour, you get into the veins of Amsterdam. You get to understand the mentality of the city. You make contact with the locals. I’d say that it’s the best way to begin your trip in Amsterdam. During a food tour, there is also a lot of interaction. You have the chance to ask a lot of questions, and you’re able to connect with others. And you don’t learn about the food only. You also learn about the history.

Q: What would be your number 1 tip for someone who has only a few days to spend in Amsterdam (besides a food tour)? 
A: Stay for longer! But if you really have just a few days, my top suggestion would be Museum Het Schip (Amsterdam School). It’s located in an expressionist housing block in Amsterdam West, and it’s definitely worth a visit. And if you’re in the area, you can also check out Prinseneiland, where you can discover beautiful architecture. Another good option is the Maritime Museum, which is interactive and also fun for children. The nearby Oosterdok area is also worth exploring.

Q: What is your favorite food, and where in Amsterdam do you most like to eat it? 
A: I like Asian food a lot. In Amsterdam, I enjoy going to A-Fusion, a Michelin-recommended restaurant. What’s also interesting to note is that Asian fusion plays a big role in Dutch food culture.

Q: What other tours do you provide, besides the food tours? 
A: Almost any kind of tour in Amsterdam, including customized ones. Rijksmuseum tours, Rembrandt tours, Van Gogh Museum tours, modern art tours, history tours, boat tours, canal belt tours, modern architecture tours, and more. For schools, I sometimes do tours of the Multatuli Museum. I can also do tours in English, Dutch, and German.

For Rudolph, one of the best parts of being a tour guide is being able to share his knowledge about Amsterdam with people who are interested in discovering the city. He also enjoys connecting with others and creating a fun experience for guests. During one of his tours, you are sure to learn a lot and to experience the Dutch sense of humor.

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